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Local Phone Numbers

Do you need to get in touch with your local utility company or the public library? If so, this is the only place you need to look for their contact information! This section is fully dedicated to helping you stay in touch with organizations in your local community. It is a handy resource for you to utilize when you need to locate contact information for a variety of professionals in your area.

Check this section often to locate necessary contact information for those within the community.
Contact Phone Number Website Link
Hospital and Medical Clinics
St. Joseph Hospital 734-5400 View Website
Belingham Business Journal 647-8805 View Website
Bellingham Business Pulse 671-3933  
Bellingham Herald 676-2601 View Website
Echo Ads 738-3246 View Website
Every Other Weekly 676-1966  
Little Nickle Classifieds 733-5000 View Website
State Government
Voter Registration 676-6742  
Cascade Natural Gas 360-733-5980  
City Water/Sewer 360-676-6900  
Digital & Cable Television 360-734-5522  
Electricity - PSE Bellingham 734-5000  
water & sewer - Bellingham 676-6900  
Water & Sewer/City of Bellingham 676-6900  
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